January 2014 | Posted By Buddy Reisinger

As we launch full-speed into 2014, we are all bombarded with predictions about the future. Again. And again. Our fans know we’re not big on predictions—particularly any related to the economy and the stock market—because we know that we’re better off focusing our energy on a well thought-out plan, sticking to it, and taking the long view.

To borrow from one of our favorite authors and speakers, Seth Godin, you might describe our approach to investing as “resilient.” Read his post for yourself and see if you concur. Remain resilient!

January 2014 | Posted By John Reagan

Matt Hall was quoted in a January 5th article by business reporter Jim Gallagher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Jim discusses floating rate funds and how they perform in different market environments. As Matt notes in the article, floating rate funds aren’t a wise investment because they “fare much worse than investment-grade bond funds in bad times, but they don’t have the upside gains of the stock market in good times.”

December 2013 | Posted By Rick Hill

This time of year has many people thinking about charitable giving. Unfortunately, the tax benefits seem to be the primary catalyst, but I regularly challenge myself to take it further with this reflection:

What is the best thing I have done for someone else throughout the last year?

I hope to always have a great answer; think about what yours might be. Whether it’s giving money or time, we can all do our part to make the lives of someone else a bit more comfortable.

This year, my wife, Lynn, and I continued to support our church, the military, and special services devoted to kids (Epworth, Angels’ Arms and Kingdom House). Our family and close friends may know that these charities are important to us, but fewer would know that we actually have a defined charitable plan guiding our efforts to support non-profits.

Over the coming months, I will share our experience on the subject of charitable giving: how Lynn and I decided what our reasons are for giving, what strategic giving vehicles we considered, and why the charities that we chose are important to us. With my encouragement, I hope that you make charitable giving a higher priority in your own life.

December 2013 | Posted By Matt Hall

It’s that time of the year when the talking heads of television and the prognosticators of print issue their sage outlooks for the coming 12 months. While this crystal ball gazing is always entertaining, it becomes even more so a year later. Check out this short piece from Jim Parker of DFA Australia.

December 2013 | Posted By Matt Hall

Eugene_FamaFortune Magazine asks: “What can you learn from Mr. Efficient Markets now?”

We are thrilled that Gene Fama was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Professor Fama’s work remains a foundation of our approach, and his groundbreaking work inspired the founding of Dimensional Fund Advisors, one of our strategic partners. Professor Fama currently serves as a director and consultant for DFA.

This article’s outstanding profile of Gene’s background, hobbies and life’s work is well worth your time.

December 2013 | Posted By John Reagan

We read in a recent InvestmentNews article that Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is now the 8th largest mutual fund company. As they continue to grow, we’re encouraged to see that more investors are finally catching on to the idea that markets work and investing can be simple rather than complex.

Unlike most mutual fund companies, DFA has not used expensive public advertising campaigns to reach new investors. Their shareholders benefit from low-cost access to the markets that is limited through advisors only—sheltering DFA funds from the effect of rapid inflows and outflows that typical retail funds experience.