September 2008 | Posted By Rick Hill

Rick Hill featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Close Up by Deb Peterson.

I understand you have a somewhat unique strategy regarding investing. Can you explain it simply?
I believe in passive investment, which is the type of investing the brewery began practicing in the 1980s, and which is why many of the A-B employees are comfortable investing with us. It’s what they were used to.

What is passive investing?
Basically, it’s don’t try to beat the markets. Historically, markets are efficient and if you make good diversified investments and hang on to them, you will make money.

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September 2008 | Posted By Matt Hall

How many mutual fund managers can consistently pick stocks that outperform the broad stock market averages — as opposed to just being lucky now and then? This question has been asked hundreds of times by researchers, but this time the evidence is more conclusive than ever. For the period, 1975-2006, less than 1% of funds beat their benchmark. Click here for the full article.