Matt Zenz

Chief Investment Officer

Matt Zenz is Chief Investment Officer for Hill Investment Group. Matt is responsible for researching and setting our evidence-based investment strategy, performing portfolio analysis for clients and prospects, and driving our investment-related communications. Matt leads our firm’s Investment Policy Committee.

After receiving his MBA from Harvard Business School, Matt led the US small and mid-cap strategies team for Dimensional Fund Advisors (the evidence-based investing “mothership”). Matt managed over $70 billion in client assets and led a team of investment professionals in this role.

With his detail-oriented engineering nature, evidence-based investing skill set, and experience managing billions of client assets, Matt plays a crucial role in HIG’s vision of putting the odds of investing success in your favor.

Before entering the investing world, Matt earned three engineering degrees (an MS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering). Fun fact: Matt started his professional career at General Electric Aviation, working on the systems for the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft.

Matt is based in New York City, visiting St. Louis and Houston offices regularly.

Described As

My friends often describe me as calm, cool, and collected. I rarely get stressed or angry and try to take a logical approach to life.

Daily Reads

Matt Levine – Money Stuff.

Today’s financial news, delivered daily, in a thoughtful and witty package.

Finds Underrated

A glass of cold water.

Finds Overrated

Always the contrarian – I’m not a fan of cheese, coffee, nor peanut butter.


Being physically active is a huge part of my life. I grew up playing basketball and have expanded into ultimate frisbee, running, triathlons, badminton, and golf. You could say I take the long view on my workouts… I spend much of my free time training, intending to tackle at least two ironmans/half-ironmans or marathons every year.

My "ah-ha" Investing Moment

When I learned (and saw the evidence) that market prices incorporate all available information into the stock’s price, it hit me instantly. 

When I arrived at Dimensional, I showed up as a newly minted MBA from Harvard, but was still surprisingly naive about what it takes to be a successful investor. When I learned how to dissect market prices, use that information, and saw just how quickly new information is incorporated into market prices (as I said above — almost instantly), everything clicked. 

I realized that friends (or anyone else, pundits included!) who talk about which companies are overvalued or undervalued don’t know any more than the market already knows. I learned that the more reliable investing edge comes not from having the next great idea, but from working with a trusted advisor, diversifying globally, keeping expenses and taxes low, rebalancing, and letting global capitalism work for you. The benefits for me? Less time spent on stock market and investing-related worry, and more time for endurance sports.

Inspired By

Sam Harris. Sam is a modern-day philosopher teaching the world how to think, not what to think. Learning to think critically, dissect complex issues, and communicate my thoughts respectfully has changed how I speak and write.

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