Rick Hill

Rick Hill

Rick Hill started Hill Investment Group with Matt Hall and is still a central figure in the firm 16 years later. Today, Rick is a part-time contributor focusing on planning and service for any client or situation he chooses. Rick is a mentor and guide for firm culture and client care. In addition, Rick serves on the Hill Financial Planning, Investment Policy, and charitable committees.

A graduate of Wake Forest University and the Wharton School of Business, Rick began helping people achieve their financial goals in 1967 when he started his first job as a stockbroker. After three years, he left the brokerage and joined Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis, holding management assignments in corporate finance, international treasury, and capital planning areas. Ultimately, Rick rose to the level of Assistant Treasurer.

After leaving AB in 1998, Rick’s passion for evidence-based investment came full circle, as he joined a very successful investment firm. In the years that followed, he earned his Certified Financial Planning (CFP) certification, then partnered with Matt Hall to launch Hill Investment Group in June 2005 (enjoy this podcast episode where Matt and Rick discuss their journey). He has found this work more rewarding than he could have imagined.

Family matters

My wife, Lynn, and I have two grown children—and two wonderful granddaughters.

Chief characteristic

I’m an expectation setter. I find that setting and managing expectations—whether working with a client or managing something in my family life—has endless benefits.

Inspired by

Humble people who do significant work that no one knows about except for close friends.


I have written several articles, including “Planning for the Life You Want.”

Travel memories

My wife and I have enjoyed traveling with other couples to Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France, and Cuba. In 2008, I went with my son to the NCAA Final Four game in San Antonio on a Monday night (Kansas won), and the next day we were walking the hills at the Masters in Augusta (Immelman won).

Friends describe him as

Dependable, good sense of humor, and a good dancer (for a male).


Happy and healthy. Happy means I’m living up to my potential and achieving my goals. Healthy means exercising and eating right, so I have more energy to play with my grandkids.

Favorite grandfather duties

When our grandchildren turn 10, they get to choose a travel destination for a weekend-long trip with Lynn and me. One chose Boston and the other Colorado Springs. Since our grandchildren live in San Antonio, this was a great opportunity to spend quality time with them.

Lesson learned in the corporate world

Do not manage for the short-term. Make decisions that will prove beneficial in the long run—capital investments, borrowing funds, etc. We all need to be willing to accept delayed gratification.

Interesting fact

I do not watch any live sporting events on TV—everything is on my DVR. For my favorite teams (St. Louis Cardinals, San Antonio Spurs, and Wake Forest teams), I first check to see who won (but not the score) and then watch it only if my team won. I find that this saves time and is less stressful.

Favorite quote

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

–Vivian Greene

Most satisfying part of life at hill investment

Acknowledgment that we are changing our clients’ lives, giving them more time for the important things. Also, being with a group of younger people makes me feel, well, younger. Our casual conversations are about technology, sports, and children’s activities rather than the medications we take.

Why he's still working

I find that being engaged in both work and free time makes both more fun and rewarding. For me, constant relaxation is not, in fact, relaxing.

Bucket list

I started making goals about 30 years ago. Some goals I have achieved include trips to Ireland, Scotland, and the Masters; attending classes at Washington University; and building a firm. My future goals are: Get my golf handicap down to 16 (from 18), a family trip to Lake Tahoe, and couples’ trips to Croatia.

Service excellence is never an accident, but a part of our DNA.

Working with Hill, you get the power of an entire team supporting you. We work together to deliver a fluid, high-quality experience. Our strong sense of pride in our work is rooted in everything we do.

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