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Co-Founder & Partner
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Matt is the author of Odds On: The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor (Apr 2016) and is Hill Investment Group’s lead on all strategic matters—crafting the firm’s vision, establishing its exceptional standards, and managing key relationships. Matt hosts the award-winning podcast, now in season three, titled “Take the Long View.”

Matt found his calling 20 years ago in Las Vegas when his girlfriend (now wife Lisa) suggested they have lunch with friends from St. Louis, who happened to be visiting “Sin City” at the same time. The friends, Ed and Dorette Goldberg gave Matt a book on how financial markets really work. Within the first 100 pages, he knew his life had changed. Matt contacted the author’s investment advisory firm, created an opening for himself, and spent the next six years rising through the company’s ranks.

In June of 2005, Matt and Rick Hill left the firm where they met to create Hill Investment Group, shaping a group that would fuse their unique abilities. Hill Investment Group is sometimes referred to as a model practice and has earned respect from both clients and the advisor community.

Matt has led education programs for advisors tied to marketing, client service, and practice management. Matt founded a global peer group called Evidence-Based Advisors. There were over 1400 members from the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, and Canada. In 2010 Matt also co-created an evidence-based mutual fund with Jared Kizer that now has billions of dollars in assets.

Matt graduated from the University of Missouri—Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

Matt is the former President of the Board of the Saint Louis Club and a former board member of Community School. In 2021, Matt was recognized with the prestigious ThinkAdvisor Luminary Award for Thought Leadership & Education. This award recognizes Matt’s overall contribution and thought leadership in the independent advisory space.

Matt Hall Leadership Award

Books he often recommends to people

For pleasure, I’m addicted to Michael Lewis. Moneyball is one of my favorites because it isn’t really about baseball. It’s about resourcefully using data to defeat the wasteful competitor who ignores the statistics. It’s analogous to what we do at Hill.

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel is the book I’m currently obsessed with and giving away to friends.

Often described as

Some friends call me the “relentless motivator,” and others call me the “relentless agitator.” I see both as compliments.

Family matters

My wife Lisa and I met in line at the Mizzou bookstore in 1993. Our 15-year-old daughter Harper is the star of our household.

Daily reads

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times

Memorable Media Appearances

Profiled in Laura Vanderkam’s book, What the Most Successful People Do at Work

Long view moment

People sometimes ask us how long is “the long view”? We say that it hopefully extends beyond their own lifetimes. What if your great-grandchildren benefit from your prudent and thoughtful planning today?

Greatest challenge overcome

Being diagnosed with leukemia at age 33 was a challenge. The experience changed my perspective on managing time and relationships. I’m healthy now and grateful for the academic research that transformed the treatment of my disease.

What he finds underrated

Taking a walk in the afternoon. It’s good to get the blood moving and reflect.

How he stays sharp

I surround myself with exceptional people. Life and work are so much fun if I can curate a collection of high-character people around me.

Friends or family poke fun at

My mom used to challenge me to go 24 hours without suggesting how we could do something better. I didn’t make it five minutes. I like to edit.

Most recommended podcast episode

I love so many podcast episodes, but the #1 that I forward to people most often is the conversation I had with Morgan Housel, author of the best-seller The Psychology of Money.

Another top pick is the episode with Danny Meyer, restaurateur and hospitality legend.

And the most popular episode of the entire batch is the one I did with the powerhouse couple, Sid and Ann Mashburn.


Save like a pessimist. Invest like an optimist.    Morgan Housel

Financial lessons he'll teach his daughter

The rewards from patience and discipline are sweet. Compounding is like magic.

Most satisfying part of life at hill investment

Working to improve the lives of others with people who care about you and want to do the same.

Service excellence is never an accident, but a part of our DNA.

Working with Hill, you get the power of an entire team supporting you. We work together to deliver a fluid, high-quality experience. Our strong sense of pride in our work is rooted in everything we do.

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