Hill Investment Group prides itself on always having a team member, not a machine, answer our phones within two rings. We’ll never have an auto attendant answering system (during office hours) – but this means you will have to be placed on hold occasionally. Most hold music ranges from loud and irritating to the nonexistent ‘Is anyone still on the other end?’. 

You’ve likely been placed on hold at Hill Investment Group, and we try to make that experience as pleasant as possible. Whether it’s an interview clip with one of our team members or jazzy holiday tunes – we aim to entertain or educate you while we connect you. 

We’re excited to share our latest and coolest hold music, this time from one of our clients, Mr. Clint Willis. If, in 2016, you happened to be at the St. Louis launch party for Matt’s book Odds On:The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor, you might recall Clint’s soulful performance that served as a fantastic introduction (see photo). 

During a recent interaction, and because Clint is such a creative person – I couldn’t help but wonder if he could create a mellow tune for our friends to enjoy while they’re on hold – and boy did he deliver! We hope you’ll enjoy our latest hold tune the next time you call or by clicking play above!

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