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Author: Matt Hall

We Invest Our Money the Same Way We Invest Our Clients’

A prospective client recently asked us, “how much of your own money is invested in the same strategies you recommend for clients?” Even though we rarely mention in dollars how invested we are in our own strategies, we often say that we “eat our own cooking.” In our opinion, that response should be the norm from all professional investors (it’s not). We’re proud that our beliefs, and personal dollars, line up with the investment strategies we build for clients. Check out the answer in this short video.

A Quote We Love – Smart and Patient Wins Again

Podcast guest and personal finance author Morgan Housel recently wrote a piece warning of the dangers of trying to take the “fast” approach to investing. Housel’s “Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast” tells the story of what happened to the third, lesser-known, investing partner of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

Here’s an excerpt:

Everyone knows the investing duo of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. But 40 years ago, there was a third member, Rick Guerin. The three made investments together. Then Rick kind of disappeared while Warren and Charlie became the most famous investors of all time.

A few years ago, hedge fund manager Mohnish Pabrai asked Buffett what happened. Rick, Buffett explained, was highly leveraged and got hit with margin calls in the 1970s bear market.

Buffett told Pabrai:

“Charlie and I always knew that we would become incredibly wealthy. We were not in a hurry to get wealthy; we knew it would happen. Rick was just as smart as us, but he was in a hurry.”

Check out the full story here.

Nell Schiffer and PJ McDaniel Elevated to Partner Level

Hill Investment Group is proud to announce that PJ McDaniel and Nell Schiffer will join Matt Hall and John Reagan as Partners. See the story in the St. Louis Business Journal here.

“It’s a huge honor to be invited into the partnership group at Hill Investment Group,” says Nell. “Since the day I interviewed, it’s been my dream to help shape the Island of Idealism for our clients and team. This next chapter will be a great one.”

Nell’s rare combination of technical ability and interpersonal instincts makes her an indispensable member of the team. As HIG’s first COO, Nell has played a pivotal role in building on the organic magic that used to live in Matt and Rick’s heads. Today, the firm runs on a reliable set of systems, second nature to Nell and now to HIG.

As HIG’s Head of Business Development, PJ has been instrumental in building relationships with successful families who want to Take the Long View. His experience balancing growth with high-touch service puts him in an ideal position to help lead HIG into the future.

“My time at HIG has given me a perspective that few people are fortunate enough to have, and I’m ready to pay it forward,” says PJ. “We’ve always had big visions, and now we have the team in place to make it all happen.”

“Hill Investment Group is special because of our people,” says Matt Hall. “Nell and PJ are truly exceptional and have earned their way to the ownership and leadership table. I sincerely believe these two are among the best in our industry.”

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