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Author: Rick Hill

No Surprise – David Booth Takes the Long View Too


Dimensional Founder and Executive Chairman, David Booth, sat down with Money magazine to give his take on the trending Wall Street topics. It will come as no surprise to our followers that his answers point toward taking the long view.

Should investors give up on value stocks for good? Is the stock market about to burst? Is the crypto frenzy dangerous? Here’s Booth on all that and more.

Read the piece here.


2 Minute Video: HIG and Focus In Our Own Words

Want to hear what we really think about our partnership with Focus? Get it here from Nell, Matt, Katie, PJ, John, and me in just over two minutes. Our new video captures in our own words what this next chapter means for our clients and team.

Fee Reductions Starting 2021!

We often ask prospective clients if they are clear on their fees, returns, and allocation. Most are fuzzy on the answers. In our world, we value transparency and keep a close eye on fees, exerting pressure where there is room for a reduction. We are pleased to share that Dimensional Funds just announced meaningful reductions in management fees for the equity funds we invest in for our clients and ourselves. The majority of our clients will experience 20% lower fees on the equity portion of their Dimensional investments. We’ll be sharing the details in future client meetings, but for now, know that the odds of long term success just got better!

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