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Photo of the Month

Ever look at our logo and notice how it’s a view from above? PJ McDaniel was feeling inspired and went high into the Smokey Mountains in this photo from a recent family trip for Father’s Day. Follow us on Instagram to see more TLV photos.

I Need a Concierge

What is a concierge? Merriam-Webster defines it as “a person or service that provides assistance with personal business (such as making travel arrangements, scheduling appointments, or running errands).” We’ve all heard of a concierge at a hotel, or perhaps even a concierge doctor – but you’ve probably wondered, is a dedicated concierge reserved for only the ultra-wealthy?

Insert our official Client Concierge – Buddy Reisinger.

For as long as we’ve known Buddy Reisinger, we’ve observed him juggling an eclectic mix of questions from clients, friends, and family. The queries range from “any idea who the best plantar fasciitis doctor is in Saint Louis?” to “I’m heading to Santa Barbara and want to impress my in-laws – where do we get dinner?” to “Which organization will benefit most from my charitable gift?” to “Which airport should I fly into when I go to Cape Cod?”.

It seems evident to us, but we want you to know that we’ve crowned Buddy the official HIG Concierge (his new title). As a world traveler, adventure seeker, family man, and lifelong learner, Buddy always has the answer, and if he doesn’t – he sure as heck knows someone who does!

If you’ve been a client for a while now – chances are you know Buddy. If you’re new to the firm or want to learn more about him, please click here.

We encourage you to reach out to Buddy with your strangest request. He’s up for the challenge.

Sunday is Pay Day – Earning an Allowance


As a father of three boys (5, 7, and 10) and an investment professional, I’m always finding new ways to teach my kids about taking the long view with their money, goals, and happiness. One habit that has worked hugely well for our family is the old-fashioned allowance. 

My wife and I try to instill in our children that we are a team, and together we make the household operate. The boys have typical responsibilities like putting their stinky clothes in a hamper, picking up their 1000 nerf gun bullets, or putting their dirty dishes in the sink (maybe even in the dishwasher). In exchange for their labor, the boys get paid. 

Every Sunday, after donuts, is payday. In the McDaniel household, $2 a week is the going rate for an A+ job taking care of your family responsibilities. Fall a little short; you get a little less. 

The benefits? We get to communicate our family values of hard work, kindness, and teamwork through direct experience. Also, great conversations: What they want to do with their hard-earned money – Do they spend it, save it, or give it away? How much goes in each bucket?

New York Times columnist Ron Leiber’s book, The Opposite of Spoiled, is a resource that I’ve found invaluable. Want more? Call, email, or set up a time to talk more about how we can help set your kids up for long-term financial success. 

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