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2020 was certainly a memorable year. For our holiday message, each member of our team shared their own takeaway or sentiment from this year. 

An additional HIGhlight for us is that Nell Schiffer’s husband, Walter, was accepted into to the cardiology fellowship program at WashU, meaning she gets to stay in STL for at least 3-4 more years! Please join us in congratulating them both.

Why the Culture at HIG Matters to You

If you are curious why our culture matters to your long term investing success, watch our video below. You will learn the purpose-driven values that make our team tick, and about how our team works to put the odds of investing success in your favor.

Image of the Month

We love images that show “the long view”. My daughter, Laura Hill, recently visited Sequoia National Park and took this image of another hiker as he soaked in the view from the top. Interested in having your photo featured in our newsletter? Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your posts to show how you envision the long view!

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