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We Invest Our Money the Same Way We Invest Our Clients’

A prospective client recently asked us, “how much of your own money is invested in the same strategies you recommend for clients?” Even though we rarely mention in dollars how invested we are in our own strategies, we often say that we “eat our own cooking.” In our opinion, that response should be the norm from all professional investors (it’s not). We’re proud that our beliefs, and personal dollars, line up with the investment strategies we build for clients. Check out the answer in this short video.

Who Outperforms?

Still stuck trying to outguess the market? Deciding what to buy, when to get in, and when to get out can get expensive quickly. It’s also a losing game for the regular investor. But, what about the pros? Are they consistently outperforming?  

Every year, Dimensional compares the long-term performance of US-based mutual funds. This 2-min video breaks down the results. It turns out fewer professional fund managers outperform their benchmark than would be expected through luck alone. The takeaway: Being a better market guru than the gal next to you is not a way to reliably, repeatably win. 

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