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2020 was certainly a memorable year. For our holiday message, each member of our team shared their own takeaway or sentiment from this year. 

An additional HIGhlight for us is that Nell Schiffer’s husband, Walter, was accepted into to the cardiology fellowship program at WashU, meaning she gets to stay in STL for at least 3-4 more years! Please join us in congratulating them both.

It’s a Girl


This month, John & Molly Reagan welcomed their fourth child, and first girl, Catherine Marie Reagan, into their family on October 3, 2020.  She was seven pounds, fifteen ounces and nineteen inches long. Congratulations John and Molly!

Podcast Episode: Tyson Weihs

Tyson Weihs changed the game for pilots through his ForeFlight app. Some people have said he’s responsible for the best aviation software ever produced and single-handedly dragged the aviation world forward. In this episode, Tyson takes us on his career journey, noting pivotal moments like when Steve Jobs first saw his company’s App. Tyson is an entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of ForeFlight LLC, the market-leading provider of critically acclaimed, essential, integrated flight application software for aviation. Since its founding in 2007, the company has grown into a multi-national operation with offices in the US and Europe. ForeFlight serves personal, business, military, and commercial flight operations worldwide and has been recognized for the impact it has made in improving flight safety. Tyson serves on several boards, including the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. In 2020, Tyson will be inducted into the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame. Listen below or click here to listen on Apple.

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