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Laura Vanderkam – The Boss of Time Management

Laura Vanderkam is the authority on time management and productivity.  Her goal is simple and powerful – to help us spend time on the things that matter and less on what doesn’t. Laura has five children, has written a number of successful books, hosts three podcasts, and has a TED talk that’s been viewed over 11 million times! How does she do it all? What are her best tips? Listen below to find out or on Apple.

Podcast Episode: Morgan Housel

Morgan Housel just wrote THE book you need to read, and our pick for the November Book Club. In this episode, the esteemed financial writer joins Matt Hall and shares insights into his own investing strategies, an event that shaped his outlook on risk, a story about a janitor who left behind millions of dollars to charity, and why behavior is the most important factor in mastering your financial life.

Listen here.

Podcast Episode: Joe Buck

If you don’t think you know Joe Buck, you likely know Joe Buck’s voice. Joe is a hugely successful, Emmy-winning broadcaster/entertainer. He is the announcer of the most significant sporting events in the country, maybe the world— Super Bowls, World Series, and more.

Joe recently Zoom-bombed HIG’s morning meeting and after the encounter Matt picked up Joe’s 2016 book Lucky Bastard: My Life, My Dad and the Things I’m Not Allowed to Say on TV. Joe is also showing a new side of himself through his podcast Daddy Issues (co-hosted with his pal Oliver Hudson).

As the podcast and book titles suggest, Joe can laugh at himself— and Matt predicts that after listening to this fantastic episode, you’ll have a new appreciation and understanding for the phrase “so what” and the man behind the voice that brings us the biggest moments. Listen below or click here to listen on Apple.

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