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Author: Nell Schiffer

Backstage Values Frontstage

Corporate values are often empty. They are usually statements glued to walls or made into stickers. Rarely are company values meaningful enough that people remember them and feel a connection. At Hill Investment Group, we try to live our values in an understated fashion, preferring not to melt them onto a T-shirt but to live them. Please enjoy the six statements below as we share our backstage values in a front-stage fashion.

Inspired by the old Anheuser-Busch mantra, relationships are at the heart of what we do. Sometimes, friends become clients, and often, clients develop genuine connections with our team. “There will be neither frustration nor failure where there is friendship.”

Hill Investment Group is a place where we truly know our clients. We know what they like to drink and the preferences that make them who they are. We see clients and serve them in a manner befitting a familiar and high-end experience. We value hospitality, reliability, and excellence.

The rewards of the long view are only possible if we can help our firm and clients focus on what truly matters.

We value the truth (no spin) and commit to giving it to one another and our clients, both when it’s easy and hard.

We don’t choose gunslingers and gurus to manage the real wealth of clients. We favor repeatable, reliable, robust forms of investment returns.

We take our work seriously and have fun in the process! We celebrate our wins and recognize life and work milestones at every chance.

Cheers to Malissia


This past Saturday, along with 100+ clients, we celebrated one of our team members Malissia Johnson. After 25 remarkable years, Malissia will be retiring as founder of Emerald Spectrum Advisory at the end of this year. Julia Humphrey, her long-term team member, will be the lead advisor in HIG’s Nashville office. 

Malissia established her firm in 1998 with a vision to provide an extraordinary planning experience while making each client feel like family. Over the past quarter century, she has succeeded by exceeding clients’ expectations and putting their interests first. Her legacy will live on through the many clients whose financial lives she has impacted and through the exceptional team she has cultivated. 

While we will miss her wisdom and caring nature, we know she has more than earned this next chapter. Malissia’s retirement party was a time for friends, family, team members, and clients to come together to reminisce, express gratitude, and wish her the best in her well-deserved retirement. The night was filled with good food, music, and many stories that exemplify her incredible 25-year journey. We had a blast this special evening honoring an extraordinary woman, her career, and, most importantly, the relationships she’s built.

Cheers, Malissia! 

Summer cyber cleanup – email is guilty until proven innocent

In today’s digital landscape, knowing what cyber risks to avoid and which red flags to look for are essential to protect you from evolving cyber threats. We’re sharing our top ways to protect yourself this summer.

3 steps you can take today to protect your email 

  • Enable two-factor authentication. This is our top bang-for-your-buck recommendation: easy with a big security benefit. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to protect you even if your password gets compromised. For those of you who use Gmail – here is a link that shows you how to set it up.
  • Don’t share private personal information. Opt for a good old-fashioned phone call if you ever need to share passwords, social security numbers, or bank details. Our team can help you create secure links if you need to share these over written communication.
  • Have a long, strong, and unique password. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – keeping your email (and banking) passwords ~15 digits long and unique from other passwords are simple ways to protect yourself. Why? Criminals will grab the username and password combinations from retailers and test them at banks and email providers. Unique passwords help prevent this technique from working. Here is an independent review of good password managers that can help you store your info securely.

A discussion of email security would be deficient without a mention of phishing. We think this is so important we’re highlighting three additional tips to help you identify phishing when you encounter it. What is phishing? Email phishing is a cyber-attack where scammers attempt to trick you into revealing your private information through email. They often use a combination of social engineering or malicious links to get you to share information. This is, unfortunately, becoming more common, and it’s important to know how to protect yourself.

3 tips to spot a “phish” in your inbox

  • Suspicious email addresses. Phishing emails often mimic legitimate organizations but have slight variations or misspellings in the sender’s address. Check if the email matches the official domain, and be cautious of misspellings or unexpected differences.
  • Urgent language and misspelled words. Phishing emails use urgency to create panic and pressure you into immediate action. They may threaten account closure or penalties. Beware statements like “Your account will be deactivated in 24 hours” or “Legal action will be taken if you don’t respond soon.” Misspellings are easy to spot and often indicate a phish.
  • Requests for sensitive information, suspicious links, or attachments. Phishing emails ask for sensitive details like passwords or credit card numbers, which legitimate organizations rarely request via email. Avoid sharing personal information through email unless you’ve verified the request independently. When you see an email that you think is a phish, we recommend calling the institution directly to verify (using a phone number you look up instead of the phone number in the suspicious email).

At HIG, we work daily in the background to protect your information by raising awareness within our team, identifying vulnerabilities, evaluating security controls, and fostering a security culture. We have developed a comprehensive cybersecurity program that includes quarterly phishing testing of our team to fortify our internal defenses for your protection. Curious to learn more? Give me a call at 314-448-4023.

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Featured entries from our Journal

Details Are Part of Our Difference

Embracing the Evidence at Anheuser-Busch – Mid 1980s

529 Best Practices

David Booth on How to Choose an Advisor

The One Minute Audio Clip You Need to Hear

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