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Embracing the Evidence at Anheuser-Busch – Mid 1980s

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And That’s a Winner!

We want to share some fantastic news and recognition for the Take the Long View with Matt Hall podcast, which, despite being on hiatus since May of 2022, just earned a Signal Gold Award in the “Money & Finance” category. This international award had more than 1,700 entries from 30 countries! Revisit some of the episodes that earned Matt’s podcast its second significant award here.

Want to know the most popular episodes of all:

  1. Sid and Ann Mashburn: Tastemakers with Heart and Soul
  2. Morgan Housel: The Psychology of Money
  3. Danny Meyer: Creating a Better World Through Enlightened Hospitality
  4. David Kabiller: From “Goldman Slacks” to AQR

For details about the Signal Awards, read more here.

Try a Media Fast

What if, for one whole week, you did a media fast?

You know… like, don’t consume any media at all. No screens, no devices, don’t even pick up a newspaper.

No. Media. Period.

Is one week too long? Then scratch that… make it three days. THREE DAYS. That’s just a long weekend. You can do it, I promise.

Give it a shot. And when you do, pay close attention to your emotional state. How does it make you feel? Happy? Sad? Energized? Exhausted? All of the above? None? Something else? I don’t know how it will make you feel… though I have my suspicions.

When I’ve done media fasts, I find myself feeling calm. Really calm. And to me, that feels good. Really good.

Which makes me wonder… if taking a media fast makes me feel so good, why do I ever go back to it at all?

Warning: You may find yourself asking that same question…

2022 Investment Performance

It’s no secret that 2022 was challenging for both the stock and bond markets. Stocks ended the year down 18%*, while bonds were down 13%**. How did we do in 2022? Thanks to our compliance group, all we can say here is that our strategy of investing in low-cost, diversified strategies that tilt toward small, value, more profitable stocks meaningfully outperformed the S&P500 index in 2022. 

As much as I would like to pat our firm on the back, you know our refrain: one year is essentially meaningless when it comes to investing. Due to the volatility and randomness of markets, any strategy can outperform or underperform in any given year. Our strategy certainly does not outperform every year and can even underperform several years in a row. To have real confidence in an investment strategy’s reliability, investors must look at how it performs over decades, not just years.

To see how we measure up over the long haul, we go back as far as we can, looking at the investments we recommended each year (and own ourselves) to see how our philosophy has held up over time. Our favorite chart compares the value of a hypothetical $1 invested in the year 2000 to 2022. Some of you may be familiar with Paul Harvey’s famous line regarding “the rest of the story.” Shoot me a note at zenz@hillinvestmentgroup.com for the details and the rest of the returns story. We can share how our recommended equity strategy has performed over time and the magnitude of the benefit of taking the long view.

If you have been a client for a while, you have likely seen the benefit of a long-term, evidence-based strategy show up in your portfolio.  If you’re not a client, ask yourself why.  Then pick up the phone and call us. You can schedule a call with me anytime here.  

* S&P 500 Index.

** Blomberg US Agg Index 

Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

The values used in this report were obtained from sources believed to be reliable, including fund performance data. Performance numbers were calculated by HIG using historical records of HIG’s recommended equity investment model and public index fund performance data.

Hill Investment Group is a registered investment adviser. Registration of an Investment Advisor does not imply any level of skill or training. This information is educational and does not intend to make an offer for the sale of any specific securities, investments, or strategies. Investments involve risk and, past performance is not indicative of future performance. Consult with a qualified financial adviser before implementing any investment strategy. There are no implied guarantees or assurances that the target returns will be achieved or objectives will be met.
Featured entries from our Journal

Details Are Part of Our Difference

Embracing the Evidence at Anheuser-Busch – Mid 1980s

529 Best Practices

David Booth on How to Choose an Advisor

The One Minute Audio Clip You Need to Hear

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