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Your Story is Worth Writing


“Rick, what are some interesting activities that others are doing that bring joy to their lives?” This is a question that many of my older clients often ask me. I suggest family vacations, volunteering at a charity, and being with your grandkids.

I would now like to recommend something that was never on my bucket list until COVID forced me to spend more time indoors – writing a book about my life!

This process started when my son gave me a Christmas gift in December 2021 called StoryWorth, a website that simplifies writing and publishing a book. Every week for 52 weeks, I received an email with a question. I then would answer that question. I could also eliminate their suggested questions and ask ones I felt were more relevant to me.

Below are some questions asked by StoryWorth:

–  Tell me about your parents and grandparents.

–  How is life different today compared to when you were a child?

–  How did you meet your wife?

–  What advice would you give to your children and grandchildren?

I added some of my own questions, such as:

–  Why was a trip to Russia on your bucket list?

–  What factors do you feel attributed to your long, continued marriage?

–  What is one of the scariest situations you’ve faced in your life?

You can add pictures throughout the stories. This motivated me to go through stacks of old photo albums, many of which were in black and white, of my parents, grandparents, and my younger self.

 My wife and two children were my editors. They added additional information and accuracy to my stories and added more pictures. The book is now 307 pages and includes many priceless photos.

Challenges of my experience:

  • Takes time, especially for me, because I tend to write in bullet points, not paragraphs. However, there is no deadline to complete the book…it took me 18 months. The support group at StoryWorth was very helpful in answering my questions.

Benefits of writing a book:

  • My grandkids and future generations will know more about my life stories, including several stories that were new to my wife and children,
  • The book contains the “greatest hits” pictures rather than losing them somewhere in the basement or on someone’s iPhone,
  • Immense personal satisfaction from having written a book.

My takeaway:

I wish my parents and grandparents had written a book about their lives and advice for me and future generations. Now, with current technology, writing a book is much easier. Being older is an opportune time to tell one’s life stories while we still remember them. This is also a perfect gift for parents and grandparents. If you want information on writing a book using StoryWorth, I would be glad to talk with you!

Image of the Month – 80 is the New 70

Last month, a few team members enjoyed dinner and a toast in honor of our Founder, Rick Hill, alongside his wife Lynn, to celebrate Rick’s milestone 80th birthday.

Friends and clients love knowing that Rick is part of the team. If you want to know why at 80, Rick is still helping people take the long view, Rick says, “I continue to be stimulated with my work duties and communicating with clients and prospects. I love the opportunity to continue interacting with the staff, whom I respect and enjoy being around. I find these relationships rewarding and energizing.”

Rick, the Mentor

HIG’s Rick Hill and John Reagan, a dynamic duo

Back in February, Rick Hill posted his reflections on why he’s not yet retired from his lengthy career as a financial professional. “Why am I still here?” he asked. “Because I am still in a great place!”

I, for one, am glad he is still here. We may tease him about his white hair, but from my first encounter with Rick in 2012 (which I still remember vividly – we talked about my alma mater Trinity University and San Antonio), he has shaped many of my own personal and professional values. Had Rick instead opted for spending every day on the golf course, I’d be poorer for it – this much I know.

Dominic Vaiana

I’m not the only young buck who has been inspired by Rick, the mentor. Check out this recent post: “This Lesson I Learned from a 75-Year-Old Man Might Earn You a Career.” It’s about Rick, written by one of our past summer interns, Dominic Vaiana. In sharing a few of his own takeaways from his internship with us, Dominic wrote that Rick “oozes wisdom and has a contagious energy that people half his age do not.”

I hope that 20-somethings will be saying the same about me when I’m 75 and still working at Hill Investment Group. That sounds more rewarding than any day on the links.

Featured entries from our Journal

Details Are Part of Our Difference

Embracing the Evidence at Anheuser-Busch – Mid 1980s

529 Best Practices

David Booth on How to Choose an Advisor

The One Minute Audio Clip You Need to Hear

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