This time of year has many people thinking about charitable giving. Unfortunately, the tax benefits seem to be the primary catalyst, but I regularly challenge myself to take it further with this reflection:

What is the best thing I have done for someone else throughout the last year?

I hope to always have a great answer; think about what yours might be. Whether it’s giving money or time, we can all do our part to make the lives of someone else a bit more comfortable.

This year, my wife, Lynn, and I continued to support our church, the military, and special services devoted to kids (Epworth, Angels’ Arms and Kingdom House). Our family and close friends may know that these charities are important to us, but fewer would know that we actually have a defined charitable plan guiding our efforts to support non-profits.

Over the coming months, I will share our experience on the subject of charitable giving: how Lynn and I decided what our reasons are for giving, what strategic giving vehicles we considered, and why the charities that we chose are important to us. With my encouragement, I hope that you make charitable giving a higher priority in your own life.

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