One of our favorite bloggers, Seth Godin, recently wrote about a topic that he’s rarely mentioned in his daily blog and more than a dozen books: money. It’s a topic that is near and dear to us.

This recent post is worth the 60-second read to help you think about what money means to you. Seth says, “before there’s money, there’s a story,” which is precisely the reason that the first thing we want to know when meeting a future client is “what’s your story?”

Our personal stories often have a huge impact on how we feel about money. How we feel about money can have an enormous impact on our outlook on the future.

We want to understand your story so that we can build a long term investment plan that gives you confidence in your future—A plan that can stop you from worrying about the money and help create a better story for the future.

It’s not just at the beginning that we want to know your story; we know they evolve and take new paths. We strive to get regular updates. If you have lots to share, we’d love to hear it (314-448-4023)!

We’re looking forward to hearing your latest update!

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