Many people thought that California Chrome was a shoo-in to win the coveted Triple Crown, last achieved some 36 years ago by Affirmed in 1978. When the horse lost, the owners were shocked and amazed.

It is gambling after all. The “House” wins—especially over the long term.

At Hill Investment Group, the “House” approach is to stack the odds in favor of our clients for the long term—not a single race. No one can consistently pick the winner of any one race; however, based on data and evidence, we help investors increase their chances of success by owning the market in a structurally efficient way. It pays to focus on what we can control: rebalancing, tax efficiency, and minimizing expenses.

Horse racing is pure entertainment. Personal investing is serious business. It pays to know the difference.

photo credit: Frankie Roberto, used under the Creative Commons license

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