Before heading into the final stage of The LongView Process—Review—I thought it would be helpful to remind you of the top three things that we look for in a new relationship:

1) Are they pleasant and nice to be with? We’ll be together for a long time. Does it feel right?

2) Does a prospective client understand and truly believe in our evidenced-based investment approach?

3) Is the future client willing to delegate day-to-day investment decisions to Hill Investment Group? If someone is a micro-manager or has done it themselves for decades, we are not going to be a good fit. Highly successful families, executives, and businesses owners often understand that they benefit by delegating responsibility for all kinds of activities, at home and at the office, to those that have a unique ability in a particular area. Doing so usually leads to a much better result and increased peace of mind while freeing them to do what they do best…whether it’s lead people, perform surgery or donate their valuable time to organizations that they are passionate about. In the end, leveraging time and talent are key difference makers.

These three traits are all present in our most successful, long-term relationships.

In stage 4 of The LongView Process—about 45 days after The Commitment Meeting—we sit down with our clients and review all that has gone on during the previous six weeks. This is one of the first tests for Hill: Did we do what we said we were going to do, and what does it all look like? This highly practical meeting includes ensuring that all of the investment assets and cash have successfully transferred to their new accounts, answering any pending questions, reviewing service expectations, and providing an overview of regular communications. This includes walking through our client’s first Hill Investment Group statement to provide a clear understanding of the information available there.

We’ve provided a simple visual of the overall process below, and click here to read a detailed description of the entire process.

The LongView Process


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