As longtime followers know, I’m a fan of baseball and Michael Lewis. When he first published Moneyball in 2003, it was a match made in heaven. Dialing the clock forward to 2016, Jeff Luhnow, General Manager of the Houston Astros and former head of Player Development for the St. Louis Cardinals, is one of baseball’s best practitioners of Moneyball ideology…embracing the data and statistics of player performance to build a winning team rather than hoopla, emotion, and gut feel. I asked Jeff to read Odds On to get his take. His quote appears on the book itself:

“I picked up Odds On and couldn’t put it down. Matt Hall is a great storyteller, and his discoveries about how to build real wealth in the overwhelming world of finance make common sense. The sports world has been changing rapidly due to better information, and now I know the same revolution has been taking place in the investment arena.”


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