While the more familiar expression, “no pain, no gain,” may apply to many parts of life (such as my first half-marathon), sometimes pain is just pain, with no gain in sight. When that’s the case, shouldn’t you do something to avoid it?

That’s the point of a recent video produced by our friends at Dimensional Fund Advisors, “Tuning out the noise.” The first minute is admittedly stressful; it evokes the angst many investors feel when they try to navigate nerve-wracking markets on their own. Bear with it though, because you have much to gain from the video’s message: By showing investors how to Take the Long View® with their investments, our aim is to help people tune out the pointless pain, look past the daily fray, and get on with investing toward their lifetime goals.

(Click image to play)

Check out the video for yourself. Or, if you prefer to read rather than watch, here’s an article Dimensional produced along the same theme. Last but not least, if you could use some rational advice to cut through the clamor, we’re here to listen.

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