We’re not the only ones encouraging investors around the globe to Take the Long View® with their investment strategy. AQR Capital Management’s like-minded perspective is one of the reasons we’ve been known to turn to some of their fund solutions, when appropriate for a client’s goals.

We also appreciate how their podcast series, hosted by Gabe Feghali and Dan Villalon, takes otherwise complex academic insights and translates them into what you need to know to build those insights into your own investing.

We’re particularly fond of their September podcast, “Taking Stock of Stock Myths.”

In this podcast, AQR’s team takes on three types of equity risks – home bias, market-timing and inflation – and busts some of the stock market myths that cause investors to succumb to them.

First, what is “risk” to begin with? We like their working definition, which describes risk as “how likely it is that you end up with a bad outcome over whatever investment horizon you care about.”

See what I mean about keeping it simple but substantive? Here are links to listen to the rest:

  • “Taking Stock of Stock Myths” (web browser)
  • “Taking Stock of Stock Myths” (iTunes)
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