Whether the subject is sports, fashion or fiduciary investment advice, it’s always gratifying to be found in good company. We are honored our special friends Sid and Ann Mashburn recently added Odds On to their website, in Sid’s Home / Books collection. Better still, we’re right next to a favorite read of our own: Astroball, by Ben Reiter. And who doesn’t want to be seen hanging out with tennis legend and shoe icon Stan Smith (whose book I bought for myself at Christmas)?

If you’re from LA, Houston, Dallas, DC or Atlanta, you likely know what the Mashburns are all about, as these fine American cities are lucky enough to have physical Mashburn stores. For the rest of the U.S., with just a taste of their world through the web, know this: The Mashburn stores are as closely aligned with our evidence-based investment firm as any clothing retailer could be. It may sound weird, but it’s true. Their people, values, and vision all mirror our own. Sid said it best the first time we met him: “Either you stole my playbook or I stole yours.”

Henry and Sid (Houston, 2016)

Bottom line, we’re honored to have made the list and hope Odds On will continue to inspire and welcome readers to seek fiduciary investment advice for their wealth management. And even if you don’t walk away with a copy of our book from Sid and Ann’s site, you’ll still know more about one of the great emerging retailers in our country.

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