As you’ve likely heard, the podcast is up and running – spreading our story and message to curious investors around the world. We’re thrilled with the success of the launch and encourage you to listen to all four episodes when you can find the time. All feedback is welcome. We offer the following write up as a teaser for Episode 4.

When most athletes transition from the sports world to the business world, the process is painstakingly slow. For Dave Butler, it took 24 hours.

After attending the University of California-Berkeley, Butler was drafted by the Boston Celtics in the 1987 NBA draft. But a player’s strike and a torn calf muscle cut his hoops career short. After a final stint with a pro team in England, Butler marched into his coach’s office, told him he took a job on Wall Street, and hopped on a flight to New York the next morning.

Since trading his basketball jersey for a suit, Butler has built an impressive career, ultimately leading him to his current role as the Co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors. Today, more than two decades after stepping off the hardwood, Dave Butler joins Matt Hall on episode 4 of Take the Long View: the podcast that nudges you to reframe your thoughts about your money, emotions, behavior, and time.

Listen to the episode here via Apple or here through other platforms.

Key topics discussed:

  • Introducing Dave. [00:42]

  • Dave’s background in professional basketball. [04:10]

  • Dave’s transition from basketball to finance. [06:14]

  • Dave’s early days in finance. [07:17]

  • Starting out at Dimensional. [11:04]

  • The origins of indexing. [14:02]

  • Early days of Dimensional and the 9-10 fund. [16:10]

  • Setting and meeting expectations. [18:35]

  • Philosophical alignment. [19:45]

  • Dan Wheeler’s influence. [21:52]

  • Dimensional’s reach and its growth over the years. [26:17]

  • Finding balance between work and other areas of life. [30:14]

  • Dave’s favorite part of working at Dimensional. [33:32]

  • Dimensional as a visionary in the field. [35:57]

  • Investing philosophy. [38:25]

  • Talking finance at parties. [42:08]

  • Current projects. [44:23]

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