As we set our vision to 2020, we’re energized thinking about the year ahead and a whole new decade. We’re also fond of acknowledging what’s been accomplished. Here is our “Top Five List of 2019”. 

1.) Culture is king – St. Louis Business Journal awarded us 2nd place on their list of  “2019 Best Places to Work in St. Louis.”

2.) Take the Long View with Matt Hall launched with 12 episodes aimed at making patience and delayed gratification cool again! Check out the most downloaded episodes: 1) The Mashburns 2) David Kabiller 3) Dave Butler  

3.) Astroball – We welcomed Houston Astros President of Baseball Operations and General Manager, Jeff Luhnow, and author Ben Reiter to speak to friends in Houston about how a long view of data science and growth mindset created one of the most unlikely turnarounds in sports history. More on that here.

4.) An old friend in a new platform – This story could easily go long so we’ll bullet point it to keep it tight.

  • Dimensional funds are now a part of our Hillfolio solution.
  • This is special because the “mass affluent” audience didn’t have easy-access to DFA until now.
  • Schwab Institutional and DFA had a history of stalled negotiations.
  • Hill Investment Group was pleased to play a role in helping bring the two sides together for the benefit of the end client.

5.) We are quietly revealing a new level of service. The first rule of Hilltop is we don’t talk about Hilltop. We’ll make an exception here because it has to make our top highlights of the year. Why? For years we have been providing service to ultra-affluent families and gradually building out the offering to begin to extend it to a select group of families. Our partner, Henry Bragg, is uniquely qualified to carry the Hilltop torch. See the landing page and list of services to know more about our well-kept secret.


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