John Jennings is someone you want to know. He is fascinating, and not in a weird way, in a lovely Dr. Seuss style. He deserves to be famous, though he doesn’t care about fame, and is worthy of it and your attention.

He writes something called the IFOD – Interesting Fact of the Day (we’ve shared them with you here in this newsletter).  His daily thoughts often tickle the brain into an active state. They are meaningful, relevant, poignant, and thoughtful.

Does IFOD pay the bills? We think not. So what does Jennings do for work? Uh, he’s a big deal. John is President and Chief Strategist of The St. Louis Trust Company, a leading multi-family office. This means he helps the ultra-affluent. Unlike most in wealth management, John deserves a lot of respect.

And if that’s not enough, John is an adjunct faculty member at Washington University’s Olin School of Business where he teaches in the Wealth and Asset Management masters program. John is also a Forbes contributor, a lawyer by training, a hardcore vegan and a loving husband and dad.

Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation covering: Lawyers who aren’t lawyers, John’s IFOD, committing to a plant-based/Vegan diet and how it connects to solving John’s fight with OCD, investment thinking and what the ultra-rich struggle with, Coronavirus and what napping has to do with success.

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