Meet Alida Mogollon! Alida is based in Orlando, FL and spent the summer working as our intern. She is a student at the University of Central Florida, where she will graduate this coming year with a bachelor’s degree in business. Read our Q&A with her, find out her favorite podcast episode, and what she learned from sitting in important meetings with our team.

What are some things you learned during your time with HIG?

Although I have always been interested in wealth management, my investment knowledge before joining Hill Investment Group came mostly from flashy internet or TV stock-pickers. In my time here, I have learned something that all HIG employees preach – it is almost impossible to consistently select individual stocks for long-term outperformance consistently. It is more valuable to invest in the global market and exercise patience, or, to take the long view! When I am ready to invest my own funds, I will be taking into account the investment philosophy I learned throughout my internship.

In your own words, what do you think is unique about working at HIG?

Many previous jobs have been for large corporations, where concerns are merely passed along the chain of command. HIG is the opposite. During my time here, I saw constant collaboration. There is a level of mutual trust and respect which inspires every team member to want the best for the company, and leadership gives them the freedom to act accordingly. I am inspired to find a workplace like this for my future career.

What is your favorite podcast episode of Take the Long View Podcast? 

Matt raved about his podcast with Dr. Robert Cloninger, and I understand why! It is interesting how Dr. Cloninger’s studies on personality dovetail with many of the behavioral finance ideas we talk about at Hill Investment Group. Dr. Clonginger does a great job highlighting why taking the long view is essential for your happiness.

What will you miss about working with the team at HIG?

The team! Every person showed me so much kindness throughout the summer. I had the opportunity to work on as varied a list of projects as possible. The whole team was supportive of my learning and encouraged me to ask as many questions as I could dream up. They also led me to discover my unique skills through the work that I was able to do for HIG.

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