When a new client starts their relationship with Hill Investment Group, we ask what made them select us. Often responses are some version of, “We were told you really care, and our meetings with you confirmed that you do.” We agree and are thankful. We really do care, and PJ McDaniel is the person in charge of demonstrating our intentions with new families. Take two minutes to watch PJ McDaniel’s video. I bet you’ll feel how much PJ wants to help families get the kind of financial guidance they deserve…and have been in search of.

It’s hard to imagine someone more likable than PJ. He’s a partner in our firm, leads our business development efforts, and is known for his positive focus. PJ estimates that he’s met over 8,000 advisors through his prior career. He’s said that he picked the best firm of the bunch when he joined HIG. It’s nice of him to say, but we’re the lucky ones. There is no better person to introduce new families to our evidence-based investment philosophy and Take the Long View approach. I’m proud to call PJ my business partner and hope that you consider him as your partner as well.

If you want to get to know PJ even better, set a time to talk or meet with him here.

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