This month we have one item we are sharing. It’s that important and that good. How do I know? At Hill Investment Group, we’ve been doing a series of morning Zoom calls for a few years now, and this piece from our own Charles Kafoglis is viewed as one of the best we’ve ever had. Charles won’t tell you this because he’s too humble, but his five-minute video is something everyone should see. 

Why? It frames the magic of compounding in an easier way to digest and incorporate into your own life. Whether you are building towards financial independence or already there, I encourage you to watch our natural teacher, Charles Kafoglis, and his talk on “The Greatest Double.”

Summary of Topics:

  • Example of doubling from one of Charles’s favorite teachers
  • What it looks like to double every ten years
  • Phases of life – learn, earn, adjourn
  • The impact of the last double
  • Do you have 3, 4, or more doubles?
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