Jack Gardner

We are excited to welcome Jack Gardner to the client service team at Hill Investment Group. We initially found Jack through a friend of Matt Hall’s wife (thanks Lisa!). Jack was looking for an internship to complete his studies at the University of Missouri, and while we had already filled our intern openings for the summer, we agreed to meet with Jack as a favor. Jack quickly impressed all of us at the firm with his work ethic, initiative, and desire to learn. It was an easy decision when it came to asking him to stay on full-time.

He is already making an impact in our clients’ lives behind the scenes, and we look forward to introducing you to him next time you are in the office.

And similar to Matt Hall, Jack is a cancer survivor. He had Classic Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was 18 years old and is now in full remission.

Please join me in welcoming Jack to the team!

Hill Investment Group