Many of our clients, friends, and team members have pets…dogs, cats, horses, fish, and many others. Our family has been blessed with a wide range, including fish, turtles, bearded dragons (Puff & Flame), a rabbit (Thumper), and a European Blue Butt Potbelly pig (Corny)…topping out at 350 pounds plus.

Sadly, last week, we lost our closest and most senior family pet, Teddy the Miracle Yorkie, after 15 amazing years of love and companionship. Teddy was a miracle because I’m allergic to almost every dog…except Teddy! We populated many of our friends’ homes with our six prior attempts at living with a dog. Jeana is a true Master Trainer, and she bore most of the pain as these dogs brought joy to others. Most of them lived long, wonderful lives with their ultimate family, and we had the opportunity to see them regularly…just not under our roof.

Teddy remains the best birthday present my wife, Jeana has ever received, and Teddy was a blessing to all of our kids. I could go on about his gentle nature and soul, his warm and friendly demeanor, and his ability to bark like a dog ten times larger than his 9-pound frame. If I continue, I will cry more than I am now. So, I will turn you over to a friend of our firm who you’ve heard from before, John Jennings, who also recently lost a dog, Dylan. John eloquently shares ”Six Life Lessons from Dogs,” which he originally wrote in 2022.

We’d love to hear your pet story!

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