Remember our movie event in 2023? We hosted an in-person viewing of the documentary created by Dimensional (the trailblazing firm we have partnered with since our inception) titled Tune Out the Noise. They engaged Academy Award-winning filmmaker Errol Morris to make this film. It is about the birth of modern finance and its impact on money management and investing.

Told through the stories of 15 people involved, the film captures how finance became a science and challenged traditional investing methods. It chronicles how this shift led to the invention of index funds, the founding of Dimensional, and the evolution of client-focused advice—all of which have ultimately benefited investors worldwide.

We invite you to watch the documentary before it is more broadly available. It is a feature-length film with a running time of 88 minutes, and we highly recommend watching it at home on your favorite television, especially with family or friends.

Here is a link and access code to stream it online now through June 1:

Website:          Tune Out the Noise film
Access code:  MARKETSWORK

Feel free to share the website and access code with those who might be interested.

We hope the film makes you feel even more confident and proud to work with a firm that digs into science over guesswork to give you the best odds of financial success. We also hope it can open even more people’s eyes to a better way to invest.

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