Dear Friends and Clients, 

I know it’s obnoxious to put a big ad of yourself in the introductory comments, but I’m hoping it captured your attention. I’m sharing it because it’s a new print advertisement in which I am featured, along with a sentiment that speaks to the core of our firm. This month, we celebrated our 19th birthday as an organization, a milestone that has been possible because of your unwavering support and trust. It’s a journey that got me thinking about our shared growth and success.

When we contemplated starting Hill Investment Group 20 years ago, our primary question was: What would it be like if we went back to the basics and focused on fewer clients and deeper relationships? Tom Cruise asked the same question in his Academy-nominated performance as Jerry McGuire (here is Jerry’s Mission Statement).

I’m unsure how Jerry’s next twenty years worked out, but the answer has been a steady path of progress and prosperity for us. We’ve built lasting relationships and guided our clients through various market cycles by prioritizing personalized service and evidence-based investing. This is what started us and is who we are today. Your trust and support in taking the long view have been integral to our success.

Here’s to many more years of focusing on what matters most!


Hill Investment Group