Warren Buffett attributes part of his success to what he calls winning the Ovarian Lottery. He was born to parents in the U.S. who supported him and he grew up at a time when his financial skills at allocating capital provided great rewards.

My wife, Lynn, and I agree with his assessment and believe that luck has been a huge part of our lives. That belief is at the core of why we support children’s charities. Our two favorites, described below, give kids who aren’t ovarian lottery winners a better chance at living a good life.

Angels Arms

Angels’ Arms keeps foster siblings together by furnishing homes and providing resources for foster parents. Founded in 2000, Angels Arms currently has 10 homes located throughout the St. Louis area.

Epworth Children’s Home provides housing, education and counseling to children of ages 12-20 who suffered abuse or neglect. More than 5,300 youth and families turn to Epworth each year for emergency shelter, family reunification therapy, transitional and independent living programs, special education, foster family care, prevention services and a 24-hour help line.

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