We’re big on celebrating milestones here at Hill Investment Group. Along those lines, what better excuse for cake and bubbly than the one-year anniversary of the “Odds On” book launch?

That’s what my HIG colleagues thought when they threw me an April 12th surprise party to celebrate. Our team is truly inspired by the way “Odds On” has allowed us to share a message of evidence-based hope to investment advisors and investors alike.

As I expressed in the first sentence on the first page of the book’s intro: “I want this book to change your life.

I can’t tell you how exciting it’s been to see it do just that for so many who have been kind enough to let me know what the book has meant to them. I have collected some of my favorites and now have more than 21 pages of feedback and more than 100 reviews on Amazon. Here’s what one reader shared with me recently:

“Matt: I started reading your book this morning and now find myself emailing you after just finishing the entire thing. As a young financial advisor, very new to the business and working for a wire house firm, I too noticed everything you described in the opening chapters. … Until I picked up your book, I was losing hope for our profession. Work was dreaded. The days long. My outlook bleak. But after reading your book, I realize there is hope. There are people out there who understand and care. Your book gave me a much needed breath of fresh air. Now, more than ever, I am excited to help others and build a business centered around evidence based investing.”

To have the opportunity to impact other financial professionals who want to do right by their clients? I don’t know if I could ask for much more out of life.

Beyond leveraging “Odds On” to reach out to readers, we were also delighted to begin donating the profits from all of the sales to charity. We’ve already made our first donation and look forward to making many more as book sales continue.

So, happy first birthday to “Odds On,” and many more!

Hill Investment Group