We have talked in the past about how to keep your information safe online, but what about your kids’? In this era of Zoom classrooms, kids are more in charge of their cyber safety than ever before, and parents are sick of remembering and retrieving passwords. What’s the solution?  

Below we’ve distilled some wisdom shared recently in this Wall Street Journal article

  • Tell them why – Passwords stop others from using your computer or pretending to be you over the internet. 
  • Long is best, and silly beats the rest! – Use a silly sentence as a password. Silly sentences are easy to remember and hard to guess. What’s the silliest sentence you can think of? 
  • Secrecy and consequences – Only you know your secret code. If you lose or forget it you might not be able to play with your friends. Trusting an adult with your password is ok. 
  • No peeking – Passwords are secret. Before and while you enter your password, make sure no one is watching. 
  • Check for the little padlock – The little lock in the address bar shows you have a secure connection, and it’s safe to enter your password. 
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