Earlier this month, the entire Hill Investment Group team spent an inspiring afternoon touring the world-famous Anheuser-Busch (AB) brewery in St. Louis. Why? We are always learning and have drawn myriad lessons from the way AB continues to set the bar for excellence – for product craftsmanship, knowing their client, and being a pillar of the community. Did we mention the attention to detail, timeliness, reliability, data and evidence, and hospitality? And, fun fact, both Rick Hill and Buddy Reisinger are former “Miller killers” themselves.

When Rick and I set out to form a brand new firm more than 15 years ago, we drew inspiration from AB, as well as other examples of excellence. Some of our clients may catch the subtle nod in the photo above to our founders’ vision: that Hill Investment Group should feel to clients like a combination of The Four Seasons Hotel and Cheers!… where everybody knows your name.

If you’ve never been to our world headquarters in St. Louis, we’d love to host you on a tour of our offices…yes, we’re open…and invite you to experience our hospitality!

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