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TOKY – You Complete Me

Since we met in late 2005, we have loved our friends at TOKY, the stellar design firm responsible for helping us brand our firm and create the “take the long view” mantra. Like us, they serve clients across the country and have established a reputation based on their work and quality team of professionals.

We are honored to have them talking about us on their site. Check out this write-up of a recent makeover they did for the Hill Investment Group site.



Happenings in the Evidence Based Investing World

Hill Investment Group likes to stay on top of the evidence-based investing world.  Below you will find three links to relevant and entertaining commentaries that have been shared with us.


Jared    |   Jason    |   John

  • Jared Kizer thoughtfully explains the Brexit and its effects, or lack thereof in this article on MultiFactorWorld.
  • Jason Zweig addresses the benefits of value and tilting in his Wall Street Journal article “Everything Is More Expensive Than It Looks”
  • John Oliver humorously describes the sad but true state of many actively managed retirement plans in his show Last Week Tonight on HBO.  Please know in advance, there is a bit of lewd language and subject matter in this clip.
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