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Podcast Episode: Morgan Housel

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Bank It

My nine year old son, Jack, recently left  $28 and a note on my desk saying “Bank it!” Want to know how I got my kids excited about saving for the future? Listen to this 90-second audio clip about the power of compounding.

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Podcast Episode: Joe Buck

If you don’t think you know Joe Buck, you likely know Joe Buck’s voice. Joe is a hugely successful, Emmy-winning broadcaster/entertainer. He is the announcer of the most significant sporting events in the country, maybe the world— Super Bowls, World Series, and more.

Joe recently Zoom-bombed HIG’s morning meeting and after the encounter Matt picked up Joe’s 2016 book Lucky Bastard: My Life, My Dad and the Things I’m Not Allowed to Say on TV. Joe is also showing a new side of himself through his podcast Daddy Issues (co-hosted with his pal Oliver Hudson).

As the podcast and book titles suggest, Joe can laugh at himself— and Matt predicts that after listening to this fantastic episode, you’ll have a new appreciation and understanding for the phrase “so what” and the man behind the voice that brings us the biggest moments. Listen below or click here to listen on Apple.

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