I often find inspiration in charities that demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit and make a real difference early on in their lifespan; imagine my pride when I witnessed that first-hand in a charity started by my own nephew, Newell Hill.

Newell Hill and Rick Hill

I was fortunate to participate in a local event last month hosted by his charity: Keys 4/4 Kids. They are founded on the principle that music inspires kids to believe in themselves, so they set out to promote arts education and mentorship through various efforts that connect kids with music. Newell founded the charity in 2000, working out of his parents’ basement. They’ve since grown to four retail locations where they sell donated pianos to fund their work with kids. In the picture above, you see me with Newell at St. Louis’ renowned Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital where children painted a Keys 4/4 Kids piano as part of The Ellen Project.

Hill Investment Group