1.) Own the Haystack and give up the search for the needles; 2.) Embrace transparency in fees and investment approach; 3.) Once you've adopted an evidence-based approach and achieved transparency, you can then enjoy every cup of coffee and leave market worry behind

Hill Investment Group’s penchant for boiling down complex issues into simple visual ideas is one of the many things I believe sets us apart. It’s a piece of what made Hill immediately comfortable to me, as over the past decade I’ve been applying these concepts to the communication of personal financial data.

Academic studies show that people only remember a tiny percentage of what they hear and only slightly more of what they read. But we retain a majority of what we see and actively experience—and the use of color can even further increase understanding.

Having clarity in financial infrastructure—particularly in complex situations—is critical to contextual financial decision-making. Visualization techniques have proven a highly effective manner for providing that clearly.

I look forward to further exploring how visualization impacts financial understanding and, ultimately, success.

Hill Investment Group