Using data and evidence to make better decisions is one of our foundational beliefs, yet some of the sports world is just finally catching on.

The May episode of 60 Minutes Sports on Showtime looks at the use of analytics in the NBA. The episode features the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and shows how data is helping teams make better decisions about players and players make better decisions on the court.

Much like when traditional investment wisdom was turned on its head, the NBA has learned that it’s not always the highest vertical jump, the fastest dribbler or the most slam dunks that indicate the best recruit or combination of players. As their understanding of the data continues to evolve, it helps coaches and owners make more informed decisions for the long run.

You can watch a trailer of “The Revolution of Sports Analytics” report or Showtime subscribers can watch the full episode (Episode 5) OnDemand or via Showtime. More information and links are available here.

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