As you follow the journey through the LongView process, we’ve now arrived at Mutual Commitment. This is the moment of truth for you, the prospective client, and for Hill. Having participated in both the Discovery and Planning stages, you now know a lot about Hill, as we do about you. We call it mutual because we’re both making significant commitments to each other. You are turning over your life savings for us to shepherd, and we are taking on a fiduciary obligation to act solely in your best interests. Yes. A significant commitment for both parties. This is a meaningful change for you if you’re coming from a large brokerage firm where their only obligation is suitability—meaning the broker is not required to put their interests below yours. Welcome to a higher standard.

Ultimately, your decision to make this commitment should be based on a feeling of trust and belief that all parties are better off working together than without each other. If we both agree to move forward, our team keeps it simple and as hassle-free as possible.

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