1. That no one can accurately predict the market:

  • in advance,
  • consistently,
  • or for decades at a time.

2. That trying to pick individual stocks or active managers is a loser’s game. Winners buy the world in bulk at a fair price and let capitalism work its magic.

3. That delegating the activity and attention of my personal investing to someone that knows me:

  • is liberating,
  • has higher expected returns, and
  • frees me to pursue my unique abilities.

4. Investing based on the data and evidence shown in decades of market returns and peer-reviewed academic research beats:

  • picking stocks,
  • gurus,
  • black boxes, and
  • Las Vegas.

5. Focusing on the things that matter and that I can control are most important, e.g.:

  • asset allocation,
  • spending, and
  • investment expenses.

6. That managing my investing behavior is MORE important than tracking short-term investment performance.

7. That there will always be an apocalypse du jour, so “taking the long view” reminds me that the multi-decade trend of the global stock market is UP.

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