Odds On Book ServedOdds On is popping up in all kinds of places since it’s April 12th launch. Here are just a few highlights:

1. 800ceoread Business Bestseller

This influential business book site put out their bestseller list for the month of April and Odds On makes it to #11.

2. #1 Bestseller on Tadas Viskanta’s Abnormal Returns Book list for April and featured on the influential blog: Click Here

Tadas is esteemed among the highly technical investing crowd and his blog includes in its readership some the most respected thinkers and leaders of our industry.

3. YNAB (“You Need a Budget”) Podcast #221: Click Here

Jesse Mecham’s budgeting software ‘YNAB’ is well known among budgeting gurus and has an extremely devoted following.

4. Beyond 50 Radio Show: Click Here

Daniel Davis has hosted the Beyond 50 radio show for over 10 years and boasts syndication on over 150 podcast networks.

5. Robin Powell blog interview: Click Here

Robin is a communications expert and is leading the evidence-based investing movement in the United Kingdom. His regularly published videos are helping get the story out around the globe.

And if you haven’t posted your review of Odds On on Amazon.com, or if you haven’t yet read the bookvisit Amazon here.

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