John Jennings, IFOD Author and President, St. Louis Trust Company

Diversification isn’t just for investing. Discovering interesting perspectives from diverse sources strikes us a wise strategy as well.

John Jennings’ “Interesting Facts of the Day” or IFOD blog is one such source several of us at Hill Investment Group have been enjoying; we think you might too. We’re familiar with John’s firm, the St. Louis Trust Company, because it’s just a few floors up from our St. Louis offices.

John was originally inspired to launch IFOD based on the far-reaching facts he was hunting down to engage his young children (now teenagers). He discovered we grownups enjoyed IFODs as well, such as his recent post on the late Hyman Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis. Minsky (who also has St. Louis connections as a long-time professor of economics at Washington University) proposed that financial stability has a way of sowing the seeds of its own, destabilizing destruction. His theory may go a long way toward explaining why markets can so rapidly swing from boom to bust … which circles us back to our ongoing advice on maintaining a globally diversified portfolio in markets fair and foul.

Interesting stuff. We encourage you to subscribe to IFOD if you’d like to consider just about every subject under the sun (including this one on the sun itself).

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