Matt Hall and Marilyn Wechter, MSW — “Money Talk” in Houston

If money could talk, what would it have to say about you and your family? Would it be a happy participant at your dinner table, or more like an uninvited guest?

Back in 2009, I was incredibly lucky to meet Marilyn Wechter, MSW, a financial therapist and wealth counselor who has dedicated her career to helping families create healthier relationships with money and among themselves. Former colleague Mont Levy introduced the two of us, and I distinctly remember what he said to me then: If there was ever an investment professional who would be comfortable taking advice from a therapist, I was the guy.

Mont was right. Meeting Marilyn was not only one of the most important events in my life, it also has directly influenced our approach here at Hill Investment Group, helping us facilitate many otherwise-challenging financial conversations among families.

Sorry if it seems like I’m gushing, but it’s hard to overstate my enthusiasm for Marilyn’s work. Most recently, we hosted a mid-February client event with her in Houston: “How To Have the Money Talk With Children of Any Age.”

Together, we explored:

  • How can we give generously to our children or others without undermining their self-determination?
  • How can we normalize money discussions, so “wealth” doesn’t feel so otherworldly?
  • What are good, conversation-generating questions to ask intended heirs, so you can better connect the potential wealth with their higher goals?

Marilyn has a way of helping you connect dots. Once the new mental and emotional connections are made, it feels impossible to ever unknow the new story or frame. If I’ve whetted your appetite for more, you may enjoy reading my more extensive description of the impact she’s had on my own life. You’ll find that by picking up a copy of Odds On and turning to page 179.

I’ll close with a teaser excerpt from the book:

I started bringing Marilyn into our office four times a year to speak to Hill Investment Group’s employees. Her insight and guidance helped us take our approach to another level. She’s taught us how to be better listeners and how to pick up emotional cues. … It might sound simple, but it made an incredible difference in how we were connecting with clients. Before we met Marilyn, we didn’t keep tissues around our office. Now, we have a box of tissues on the table for every meeting. We’re not trying to make our clients cry, but we often end up touching on memories from childhood, key relationships in their lives, and their hopes for the future.

Intrigued? Let us know if we can arrange an introduction.

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