Abby Crimmins, Client Service Associate

While our newest Client Service Associate – Abby Crimmins – has been with us for six months, she’s been missing from our website’s team section. That’s now been fixed! Check out Abby’s detailed profile, recently added. Some of you may be familiar with our website’s team section. If not, I encourage you to check it out. It has been applauded by top folks in our industry for showing both what our key people do and who they are as individuals.

Who are Abby’s best friends? What is her favorite 11 a.m. habit? What’s the scariest thing she’s ever loved the most? You’ll find all this and more by visiting her new profile. You’ll learn not only what inspired her to join us at Hill Investment Group, but also about her people, passions and personality – everything that makes Abby the amazing new team member she has fast proven to be.

While we introduced you to Abby last fall, we’re delighted to reconnect you with her at this time. Welcome to the team (again), Abby Crimmins!

Hill Investment Group