Robin Powell is an award-winning journalist dedicating himself to spreading the message of evidence-based investing. He’s made films, is prolific on social media, and regularly interviews influential thought leaders.

Most recently, his blog, The Evidence-Based Investor (where our interview, linked below, appears), was included in the shortlist for the Headlinemoney Awards 2019 Financial Blog of the Year. Robin reports the site is receiving more than 1,000 visitors daily – half from here in the U.S – so it’s no wonder it’s earning well-deserved accolades.

We are fans of Robin’s work as well, and he has admitted to periodically liking some of what we put out in the universe. Enjoy this 30-minute conversation we had with Robin, or see the notes below if you’d like to skip around to topics you’re most interested in.

Show notes:

  • Is Saint Louis the Evidence-Based Investing capital of the world? [1:18]
  • What’s in Odds On, why did Matt write it, and why is it different from other investment books?  [2:50]
  • Hill Investment Group: Its history & today. [5:53]
  • Hillfolio: Is it a Robo Advisor and what does it cost? [7:18]
  • We’re rooting for our competition, because the previously ignored investor wins.  [10:54]
  • How does Hillfolio invest [12:50], and are sustainable funds an option? [14:40]
  • The importance of investor behavior: HIG & Hillfolio going beyond the spreadsheet [15:57]
  • Who do we like to work with and who can we best serve? [19:40]
  • “Big rocks” and the biggest benefit to considering them first. [20:50]
  • Why are we doing Hillfolio? It’s what is in our heart. [23:33]
  • Matt and PJ reflect on Jack Bogle’s Legacy. [25:36]
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