Take the Long View with Matt Hall is back with a new episode! Matt kicks off Season 2 of the podcast with a man who may exemplify long view thinking more than any other guest he’s had on the show. How is he so long view? David Stine is a woodworker (understatement) and makes products that last forever, using material that was likely born before he was. Who do you know who can make the same claim? David has also done the thing most people don’t have the guts to do. He quit. He quit the thing that most stick with their whole lives. He left office life and made the outdoors his new workplace. He’s thriving – so much so that media gurus are working to make a TV show about his life. David has clients around the world, awards from industry experts, and more than two decades in business, but the thing Matt loves most about him, is he’s not just an artist, not just a craftsman, he’s deeply philosophical.

David Stine joins Matt for Episode 1 and covers his journey from growing up on the family dairy farm to deciding to go to law school and eventually realizing his dream and passion for creating custom furniture handcrafted from sustainably harvested American hardwoods. Matt says “David is smart, funny, talented, brave, and kind. These characteristics are a tough combination to beat and episode 1 sets the bar high for season 2.”

Click here to listen to episode 1 and check out the short video below to learn more about David.


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